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GENERAL DISCLAIMER:  All works created by the authors of Fauxlander are for entertainment purposes only, and such creations are not intended to imply ownership over any Outlander copyright in any media form.  The stories and situations described are of the imagination and not therefore intended to take credit for any of the original story or canon of Outlander (or Diana Gabaldon’s subsequent novels of the same story line), or to offer revision of the narrative.  The writers of Fauxlander are grateful to Ms. Gabaldon for her work, and we only seek to contribute to the world that she has created with her characters.

Moreover, the works in Fauxlander are, by their very definition, “faux” – fake.  Much of our work is remixing and satire.  Should a reader have any questions, concerns, or comments about Fauxlander, please submit them through the contact form above.

Finally, don’t take it too seriously.  We certainly don’t.



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