Dear Highlander: Describe Your Bromance!


March 5, 2015 by Writing Campus


Dear Highlander,

Have you been a tag team for long? Was Claire your first assignment of keeping watch of a Sassenach woman? I notice you seem to work well together, whether you are successful or not. Do you two get spanked, I mean beaten when you screw up? do you have to spank/beat each other for punishment?




Dear JC,

Rupert: Ach, lassie! Ye hae a lot of questions for us! Weel… let’s start with how Angus and I became friends. When we were but wee laddies, I was fishin’ in the burn out in the forest. Two lassies were beatin’ up Angus…

Angus: Nae! That didna happen at all! I wasna bein’ taken down by two lassies, ye great gob!

Rupert: Aye, it was! Ye canna remember properly because ye got knocked out by one of them. It’s what ye get for liftin’ yer kilt to lassies bigger than you.

Angus: Will ye shut it? That isna what happened!

Rupert: Is so, ye daft mumpy! Ye could hardly stand after the beatin’ they gave ye, and I had to punch Mary McDonald in the guts to get her to leave ye alone!

Angus: Ye’d better shut yer hole before I give ye a new one!

Rupert: And wee Glenna had ye by the bollocks! Ye were howlin’ like a bairn!

Angus: ::punches Rupert in the stomach:: I’ll show ye howlin’ like a bairn, ye fat ass!

Rupert: ::knees Angus in the shins:: Ye’ll have to do better than that!

Angus: ::jabs Rupert in the ribs::

Rupert: ::tweaks Angus’s nose::

Angus: ::knocks loose one of Rupert’s teeth::

Rupert: :: nose tackles Angus::

End Transmission

Please check back next week for more advice from Angus and Rupert!


One thought on “Dear Highlander: Describe Your Bromance!

  1. Terry says:

    How would I go bout getting a an autographed picture of you both?


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