Dear Highlander: How to entertain my snowbound children?

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February 19, 2015 by Writing Campus

Angus and Rupert

Dear Highlander,

With all this snow and my kids not able to go to school, they are driving me crazy! What’s a mom to do?




Rupert: Weel, my mother, bless her soul, always hated havin’ a house full of bairns when the weather was foul. When we became too much for her, she would set us to cleanin’ the house from top to bottom, then – if we didna get the message to settle down – she would send us to Mrs. Fitz to scrub pots. After a few days of cleanin’ the kettles of Leoch, we learnt to mind our manners and read a book… or, in my case, I learnt to hide in the barn throwin’ horse apples at my sisters from the hay attic.

Angus: When the snow falls thick in the Highlands, every boy and girl under the age of 10 becomes a right pain in the ass. Ye ken, now that I think about it, boys and girls over that age are, too. Ye see, lackin’ entertainment, they turn to pesterin’ you and each other. Now, Rupert’s mam certainly had the right of it, sendin’ the bairns to do hard labor when they get underfoot. My mother didna have a grand kitchen to send me to, so she set me to diggin’ and fillin’ in holes while sayin’ my pater noster. I’ll be damned if one day of that didna keep me behavin’ myself for weeks…

Rupert: Of course, Maria, if ye get really desperate, ye can always watch Frozen one more time.

Best of luck to ye,

Angus & Rupert


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