Sports Update: Record Low Female Attendance at Super Bowl; Scottish Shinty Exhibition Game

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February 2, 2015 by Writing Campus

Shinty Meme

Sports Updates from the Phoenix, AZ

Record Low Female Attendance at Super Bowl

University of Phoenix stadium and Super Bowl XLIX experienced the lowest female attendance in years, in spite of NFL’s current marketing campaigns to bring in greater numbers of women fans. The absence of women was noticeable, as male attendants became increasingly out of control without female supervision. Small fights broke out around Bud Light vending stations, and larger kerfuffles erupted in the stands between Seahawks and Patriots fans. Children flocked to Lost and Found stations, with a great number needing assistance in finding their fathers. NFL officials and the Super Bowl marketing team are still looking into the causes of this unprecedented downswing in female attendance.

Shinty Exhibition Game in Scottsdale

The Scottish Camanachd Association held a scrimmage shinty tournament in Scottsdale, Arizona this Sunday evening, which was considered a resounding success in introducing the sport of shinty to the United States. With the growing popularity of the sport following a featured scene in the Starz program Outlander, attendance at the event reached maximum capacity and resulted in hundreds of fans being turned away at the door. Fergus Grant, buckshee forward for Kingussie, commented that he had never seen such support at a U.S. hosted event, noting, “a few of the ladies near the sidelines seemed especially excited to see us play.” Officials tracked attendance and reported that the match had over 75% female viewers. One female fan stated after the game, “Damn! I thought they would be wearing kilts…” There is no word from the Camanachd Association on the use of kilts in future matches.


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