Dear Highlander: What comes first – drink or religion?


January 29, 2015 by Writing Campus

angus drinking gif

Dear Highlander received this question:

20150126 DH Question

Dear Terry,

Rupert: Back before Father Bane took over in Cranesmuir, the old priest Father Thomas used to say that drink and religion gang well together. If wine and bread become the body of Christ, then ye canna have one without the other. Of course, Father Thomas was also of the opinion that a wee bit o’ whiskey before mass and another wee tot after the recessional was all in good service to the Lord. Now that I think on it, the old padre might hae believed that a dollop o’ two in his tea helped him get through vespers every night… and compline. And matins. Weel, Father Thomas perhaps isna the best example. He did hiccup through most of the Psalms…

Angus: I dinna understand the question. The Bible has a great many passages about the drinkin’ of wine and bein’ moved by the spirit – holy or no.   Now, Father Bane, who is an expert on such matters, says that the Old Testament is the best, but I’m no sure that I remember which parts. So, here’s my advice: if drink comes before religion, a lass should confess when she gets to mass and try not to belch in front of her confessor.


One thought on “Dear Highlander: What comes first – drink or religion?

  1. Terry says:

    Thank you both you always have good advice you have never let me down . Here’s to bothof you .


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