Colorado Fans Wait Patiently for Outlander Return in April

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January 5, 2015 by Writing Campus

Pot Old Ladies
Shirley Logan & Betty Smith during monthly meeting

BOULDER – One group of Colorado Outlander fanatics has decided to take a relaxed approach to what has now been called “Droughtlander,” waiting patiently for the show to return on April 4, 2015. Shirley Logan (54), Betty Smith (50), and Katrina Bezos (48) are all members of several Facebook groups devoted to the show and novels, but rarely engage in the conversations and fangirling. Instead, they meet once a month to bake brownies, eat snacks, and chat about other television programs at Logan’s Boulder home.

“We figured it was just best to chill out and start watching other shows,” Logan said. Long-time Outlander fans, Logan, Smith, and Bezos all started reading the novels twenty years ago when they were first published. Logan noted, “I love me some knee porn, though!”

When asked to gauge the extent of their Outlander fan commitment, Smith replied, “Oh, we love Outlander more than any other show, but it didn’t seem to do much good to angry about how long we have to wait. After all,” Smith said, taking a bite of brownie, “getting upset and arguing in Facebook groups didn’t seem very groovy to me.”

Bezos added, “That Sam Heughan is a handsome fellow, and it’s lovely to look at him in a kilt, but the poor fellow must be overwhelmed by the fame… I hope he hasn’t secretly joined any of the fan Facebook groups and sees all the things some of the fans say about him. Hey, Shirley, can you pass the Cheetos?”


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