Dear Highlander: I love two men!

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December 4, 2014 by Writing Campus

Dear Highlander received this question for Angus and Rupert:

Fauxlander Question 11232014

Dear @feenix,

Rupert: ‘Tis a difficult thing, looking forward to seein’ one man while lovin’ another. Ye’re allowed to be a wee bit excited about what the future will bring! It isna disloyalty to like lookin’ at another woman when ye’re already married, no? Of course, we’ll first be seein’ Lord Grey as a wee little bugger fresh from trainin’ wi’ no manly skills to speak of. He canna compare to we braw men of the highlands!

Angus: Lassie, the only way to spare ye the guilt of your passions is to ignore both men and find someone to distract ye! A fine gentleman who’s both a lover and a fighter, who appreciates a fine set of bubbies and doesna care if ye wash regularly might suit ye? In fact, I think I ken a fellow who just might be right for ye.

angus drinking gif


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