NEWSFLASH: “One of a Kind” Frock Coat Tailor Loses Head in Accident

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October 20, 2014 by Writing Campus

Mr. Samuel Higgins, Tailor

LEOCH – Recent inquiries into the discovery of the body of Samuel Higgins, tailor to the esteemed Laird of Leoch, Colum MacKenzie, have been concluded. Higgins was found by shepherd Rupert Menzies outside of Cranesmuir. Higgins’ death initially appeared to be the result of an encounter with nefarious local thugs, as he had no head and was in possession of an extraordinarily long frock coat. His death was ultimately deemed an accident by local authorities.

Higgins was last seen putting the finishing touches on the Laird’s frock coat for the most recent Gathering, in which hundreds of MacKenzie clansmen swear fealty to Clan MacKenzie and the Laird. “Aye, I saw him,” housekeeper Mistress Glenna Fitzgibbons stated. “He scarpered out of the castle right in the mid-morning like a cat on fire! Thank the Lord that he finished Himself’s frock coat before he died.” Mistress Fitzgibbons further noted that Higgins appeared to be in good health and, she claims, “his heid was verra firmly attached to his neck at the time.”

A native of Edinburgh, Higgins is survived by his wife, Mary MacKenzie Higgins, and one housecat. Mrs. Higgins will be rejoining her MacKenzie relatives in Cranesmuir. It is unclear what will happen to his tailoring business, although inquiries with Higgins’ attorney indicates that there were no other “one of a kind” frock coats available for purchase.


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