NEWSFLASH: Reverend’s Housekeeper Gets Left in the Buff


October 6, 2014 by Writing Campus

Mrs. Baird
Mrs. Graham, prior to arrest

INVERNESS – On the morning of October 31, the Samhain celebration caught one resident off guard, when housekeeper to Reverend Wakefield, Mrs. Graham, had her druid priestess garment caught in the car door of an Amstrong-Siddeley Twelve. As her companion drove from the scene, Mrs. Graham’s dress was ripped away, leaving her standing mid-square with nothing but a hand lamp, flower garland, and cotton headdress. Mrs. Graham quickly took shelter in Mrs. Baird’s inn, where she was loaned a bathrobe.

“I saw her standin’ there, nekkid as the day she was born!” commented Mr. Archie Croft, witness to the event and proprietor of Scarlet Griffon Tavern. “I was polishin’ glasses, same as I do e’ery mornin’, and I popped outside to grab the post. And wouldn’t ye know, there was the Reverend’s housekeeper, bare as an egg!”

The Reverend Wakefield responded to queries regarding Mrs. Graham’s nudist tendencies heatedly, exclaiming that, “I have every confidence in Mrs. Graham’s housekeeping abilities, and if you do not get off of my vicarage drive in the next two minutes, I will call the sheriff! And no Eucharist for the next month!”

Mrs. Graham did not comment on the event, but was cited by local police – who were pulled off an emerging missing persons case – for public nudity and released upon her own recognizance.


2 thoughts on “NEWSFLASH: Reverend’s Housekeeper Gets Left in the Buff

  1. LaRelle says:

    This is the most wonderfully hilarious blog I have found so far! Rupert and Angus are geniuses!


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